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Australia & New Zealand Standards and Guidelines

Australian Government Locator Service (AGLS)
The AGLS metadata element set, originally designed for Australian government but expanded to cover non government sectors, provides a set of metadata elements and associated usage guidelines designed to improve the visibility, accessibility and interoperability of online information and services (achieved through the provision of standardized Web-based resource descriptions which enable users of search engines to locate the information or service that they require). The AGLS set comprises of 19 elements and extends the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (DCMES) of 15 descriptors.

AS 5044.1 - AGLS Metadata Element Set – Part 1: Reference Description This Standard describes the semantics of the AGLS element set and qualifiers.

AS 5044.2 - AGLS Metadata Element Set – Part 2: Usage Guide This guide provides details on the use of AGLS metadata and how to assign metadata to resources in order to make them more widely ‘discoverable’ on the Internet.

AS5090 - Work process analysis for recordkeeping This Standard has been developed for use by any organization that wishes to analyse its work processes as the starting point for a variety of recordkeeping purposes.

AS 3806 - Compliance Programs This Standard sets out essential elements for establishing, implementing, and managing an effective compliance program within an organization and provides guidance in using these elements.

AS 8000 - Corporate Governance Principles This Standard provides a blueprint for the development and implementation of a generic system of governance suitable for a wide range of entities.

HB 278- Recordkeeping compliance - This Handbook provides guidance for organizations that are implementing the AS ISO 15489 (see International Standards) framework for recordkeeping practices.

HB 8317 - ClassificationThis Handbook is in development.

AS 1015 – Physical StorageThis Standard is in development.

National Archives Australia (NAA) - Functional Specifications for Electronic Records Management Systems Software
This document provides a generic set of requirements that Australian Government agencies can use to ensure that their electronic records management systems software has adequate functionality to make and keep digital records. These requirements will help agencies develop design specifications to build or purchase new systems, or upgrade existing systems, to meet business, accountability and community needs.

Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) VERS is a world-leading solution to the problem of capturing, managing and preserving electronic records. VERS is a framework of standards, guidance, training, consultancy and implementation projects, which is centered around the goal of reliably and authentically archiving electronic records. VERS is promoted globally and has been accepted and used by archival institutions, national and international Governments and local and global product vendors.  

The Public Record Office Victoria sets standards for the efficient management of public records under Section 12 of the Public Records Act 1973. The standards apply to all records created by the Victorian Government and detail requirements for the creation, maintenance and use of these records.

Keyword AAA In 1995, the NSW Archives Authority (now State Records) released Keyword AAA, a keyword thesaurus of general terms based on the keyword classification method. It covers terminology common to most organisations. This includes terms derived from common functions and activities, such as PERSONNEL and FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT.

Open Archival Information System (OAIS) A reference model for the development of standards for the long term storage of digital data.