Membership, Categories, Fees & Conditions

Types of Membership

IIM offers the following categories of membership applicants who are interested in the objectives and purposes of IIM, and who pay the prescribed annual fee.  

  • Individual Membership of IIM is open to any information management professional.
  • Student Membership is restricted to candidates undertaking a full-time professional course of study
  • Corporate Membership is offered to any business wishing to take advantage of the reduced fee structure for multiple membership. This category enables up to five (5) nominees to become members for one corporate fee, and additional nominees can be added at a pro rata fee. A Limited Corporate membership allows organisation to nominate up to 3 nominees.
  • Institutional Membership is available to any tertiary institution delivering under-graduate &/or post-graduate courses in information management. Institutional members are offered the opportunity of awarding a cash prize to the top IM graduating student
  • Enterprise Membership is open to any business wishing to gain the maximum fee reductions for multiple membership, enabling up to twenty nominees to become members for the one enterprise fee. For Enterprise Members IIM will email Company events/Newsletters on a monthly basis to either a target segment or the complete IIM mailing list.

Contact IIM at for more details.

See the IIM Membership Service and Benefits   Acceptance of a member is subject to approval by the IIM Board.  

Current membership fees - All fees are GST Inclusive 

Type of Membership

Application Date Jul-Sep

Application Date Oct - Nov

Application Date Dec - Mar

Application Date Apl - Jun

Period of Membership      12 Months

Period of Membership        9 Months

Period of Membership        18 Months

Period of Membership        15 Months

Individual Member





Full-time Student Member





Limited Corporate User: Up to 3 Members





Corporate User: 4 - 5 Members





Corporate Vendor Organisation: 5 Nominees





Institutional Member










Enterprise Membership






To download the Institute for Information Management Ltd's membership application form click on our logo.