Organisation Structure

IIM is an industry "association". Because of its size, sphere of operation, diversity and the requirements of management accountability, it is not a registered "not-for-profit" association.

IIM is registered as a company limited by guarantee which provides advantages in the administration of an industry "association", including simplified registration, baseline Memoranda and Articles of Association and fiscal reporting.

As a company limited by guarantee:

  • IIM is required by statute to re-invest all profits for the development of services for its members.
  • There are no shareholders and there is no provision for distribution of dividends.
  • The company is required to meet all statutory, fiscal and audit obligations of a registered company.

Board of Directors

Management of the company is vested in a Board of Directors. All Directors have a full and equal vote on every issue.

Regional Directors

Regional Directors are elected to the Board from the membership of the IIM Branches in each IIM Region, on an annual basis. These Directors have the responsibility for representing Regional views to the Board, and to represent the Board's views at the Regional level.


An IIM Region may consist of one or more branches, as approved by the Board. The current regions are:

  • Queensland
  • Victoria / Tasmania
  • New South Wales
  • South Australia / Northern Territory
  • Western Australia
  • Australian Capital Territory; and
  • New Zealand


IIM Branches are accountable to the Board for the development and implementation of local service delivery programs. New branches are established on the basis of any group of members within a regional area, which are approved by the Board.

Executive Officer

IIM engages the services of an Executive Officer that provides appropriate infrastructure support to the IIM Board and facilitates Regional and Branch activities.