Vision, Mission, Objectives


The vision of IIM is to receive recognition as the premier information management institution within Australasia, to drive the development of value-for-money services for members within the Asia / Pacific region; and have a major influence on the directions and education requirements for information management on an international basis.


To develop and maintain a premier Australasian information management institution which consistently achieves high standards in delivering value for money services to its membership.


To become the definitive Australasian industry source on the information management industry and provide that intelligence to our members anywhere.

  • To provide a forum which:
    • brings together the users of information management systems with the providers of the enabling technologies
    • promotes innovative applications of information management systems
    • contributes to effective development of information management systems
    • disseminates information management industry trends, opportunities and accomplishments
    • interprets and reports on the impact of social, political, economical and technological conditions on information management systems
  • To enter into affiliate relationships and joint strategic relationships with partners as a means of:
    • achieving greater recognition in relevant Australasian, Asia/Pacific and international forums
    • providing increased member benefits at low cost
    • improving service delivery to members
    • providing professional development and training opportunities, and continuing education programs for members
  • To award and recognise excellence in performance in the information management industry
  • To facilitate the establishment of member special interest groups, networking and knowledge sharing
  • To foster good business ethics and social responsibility in the industry
  • To undertake and pursue all such other similar, related or compatible objects as may from time to time be considered appropriate by the Company