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The IIM provides an opportunity for visitors and members to use an online submit utility for articles, technical papers, research papers, case studies, or overviews of presentations or events attended that focus on information communication and technology and associated areas. All submitted items must conform with general submission Terms and Conditions for this site.

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Editor: Robine Polach, Information Architect and National IIM President

Consulting Editors (if required): The Consulting Editors will be chosen, from the IIM community and other sources of information professionals, depending on the content of the article and if the editor of the IIM Newsletter believes that it is called for. The Editor will pass all comments from the Consulting Editors back to the Author.

Submission Guidelines: Papers up to 5,000 words. Large works, PDF documents or MS PowerPoint presentations should be submitted as an abstract with hyperlinked attachment(s).

Tables, Figures and Images: Tables, figures, diagrams or images should be placed where they are to appear in the paper. All inserted images should be in .jpg or .gif format and they should be compressed for web publication (typically less than 100KB.) .gif format is bested suited to line or block diagrams, and is required for any images with transparent backgrounds. Otherwise .jpg (standard 8 bit colour) is usually the best choice.

Publishing Agreement: This agreement is between the author(s) of the submitted article and the IIM association. The IIM may publish this work in electronic format, separately and/or in a collection of other articles, in the next appropriate newsletter. Copyright will remain with the author(s). It is the author’s responsibility to obtain written permission to quote material that has appeared in another publication.  The article contains no unlawful content. There is no infringement of the copyright or intellectual property rights of others. IIM applies the following policies for privacy and  copyright  for all material published on this site. IIM also makes the following disclaimer. The IIM reserves the right to alter the formatting and styles or to remove any published item without notice at any time.

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