The Raven Team

The Raven Team, UNSW

"Doing cool things in the cloud 

Using IoT, Big Data and Cloud to Address Real Business Problems"

Raven IoT is a Sydney based start-up that specialises in the design and manufacturing of IoT devices, engineered to solve specific industry problems.

The team consists of 5 UNSW students, with specialisations spreading across various fields of Engineering and Computer Science.

Raven IoT is comprised of Matthew Eyles, Michael Irwin, Matthew Buffa, Henry Blumentals and Vanja Videnovic..

Gas bottles are used across a wide range of industries for safe gas storage and use.  Due to the volume of various gas cylinders, alongside the nature of industries in which gas cylinders are typically rented to the consumer, there is an increased need for tracking and monitoring of gas cylinders and their usage.  This information assists in inventory management and understanding usage patterns, which opens the door to optimisation within the service lifecycle of a gas bottle.

The team at Raven IoT have designed and manufactured a physical collar to be mounted on industry gas bottles, which enables a collection of various metrics that are utilised for tracking and consumption monitoring.  This data is uploaded to local cloud connected gateways directly from the bottles, to be stored for analysis within cloud oriented databases.

Recently Raven IoT partnered with NeoData for the Oracle Hackathon with the objective to transform the working prototype based on the IoT device to a commercial solution, utilising applications and platforms in the cloud.  This solution addressed a range of processes, intended to enable an imaginary gas distributer "NeoGas" to handle the business of selling gas products.

This workshop will provide attendees with an overview of the journey from a prototype to an enterprise-ready solution, enabled by cloud computing.