Tony Boyle, NeoData

Tony Boyle, NeoData

Managing Data in the Cloud

An experienced information professional with a proven track record in Enterprise Data Management - Master Data Management, Data Governance and Data Quality. Tony has over 25 years' experience in the industry and has helped customers across the Asia Pacific Region with their Data Management strategy.

Tony leads the Data Quality and Master Data Management Practice for NeoData Australia, an Oracle Partner that specialises in Oracle technology and Tony focuses on the Data Quality and MDM technology as well as the underlying strategy and best practices around Data Management and Data Governance.

Tony's experience in Data Management comes from over 17 years with Oracle where he led the MDM and Data Quality practice in the Asia Pacific Region. During this time, he worked with some of Oracle’s largest clients helping them with the implementation of their Data Management and Data Quality solutions.

Cloud technology provides organisations with choices on how they approach the management of their Master Data.

Up to now, MDM was seen as a workhorse application bridging the gap between the IT Dept and the Business by delivering clean, standardised data when and where it was required. It enabled Data Governance programs and was the driver for corporate data quality initiatives.  It was ‘invisible’ to the general user but the Business depended on its output to deliver information and drive decisions.

With the advent of ‘cloud’ technology MDM has grown more sophisticated and evolved from a background system into a key application for decision making. The arguments around security, latency and connectivity have been resolved and modern MDM solutions are more ‘user friendly’ and open to a larger user base. They now include Analytics, complex relationships and hierarchies and utilise Big Data and Graph databases to help organisations use their master data in more insightful ways. Being on the Cloud also allows them to ingest large external data sources for enhanced analytics.

Despite this, the fundamental issues around data management remain – how do we ensure good data governance, good quality data and maintain data we can trust.

This session will highlight the key capabilities now available to organisations and outlines how you can exploit your data with a modern MDM solution whilst ensuring the essential fundamentals remain in place.