Sean Webb, Alex Solutions

Sean Webb, Alex Solutions

Overcoming The Complexity, Privacy And The Compliance Risks In Your Data

Sean is an information technology and risk management professional with over thirteen years of global experience across Asia-Pacific, Australia, South Africa, India and North America. Sean has a proven track record in working with senior blue chip executives helping them to analyse, develop and deliver solutions for complex business and technology compliance issues.

Sean is the CEO of the Australian created, owned and operated start-up Alex Solutions. The company has been recognised by both Gartner and Forrester for providing innovative and effective software solutions that enable users to manage their data, extracting maximum value whilst minimising risk. Our case studies include Data Management in the Cloud, Big Data Governance, Sensitivity Data Security & Compliance Services and Accelerated Business Transformation Services.

Global regulations are trending towards protecting the information of citizens and customers. These trends can be seen across Asia (MAS TRMG and Notice); Europe (GDPR) and more recently Australia (Mandatory Breach Notifications). Furthermore, organisations are moving their data to the Cloud to increase their efficiency which may come with various potential risks. Besides that, significant penalties in the way of fines, enforceable undertakings and even jail time for executives can occur in the event of breaches. Internal Compliance (e.g. Audit) are further calling out the importance of improving sensitive data management and ensuring formal Executive accountabilities / responsibilities are defined.

Complications / challenges:

Governance, security and privacy concerns still have a noticeable impact on the adoption of cloud services and organisations are facing additional risks including confidentiality, integrity and availability of their key asset - data. Technology landscapes are highly complex consisting of hundreds if not thousands of platforms with corporate understanding of these being lost over time. This further exasperates the ability to understand where sensitive data is handled and /or stored across the enterprise. Big Data, Cloud, and /or Bimodal IT further increases the likelihood of poor management and control over sensitive data.

How organisations are tackling the problem:

Sean will provide insight on how various organisations across Australia and overseas are approaching these challenges. This includes insight on where they are failing to solve the problem and where there are success stories.