About Information

IIM welcomes you to the ‘Information’ page.

The 'Information' section provides access to the 'IIM Newsletter',  'Information Resources', 'Information Publications', and 'Presentations' pages. You may also find some positions available advertisements related to information, communication and technology in the 'Positions for Information Professionals' page.

IIM is aware that we inhabit a world in which everything we need is required to be available online. This 'Information' section and our 'Contribute' section are intended to satisfy some of that need to have and to share information online. IIM has provided online submission facilities so that you can contribute. To help IIM know and disseminate what is going on in the Information Management world, please work with us by using the 'Contribute' section and associated pages.

The IIM 'Information' section is intended to present independent content gathered from your contributions. Because IIM aims to be quite liberal in the acceptance of contributions from the information management community, we do not necessarily endorse all of the views and ideas published on this site.