IIM Newsletter April 2011


IIM Newsletter April 2011

IIM National Conference 2011
Regular Registrations Close 30th April 2011

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IIM National Conference 2011
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Information Governance "Community of Practice" Launch

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IIM President's Message

We have entered the final preparation period for our National Conference in May.Preparations are also well on the way for the national launch of the Information Awareness Month 2011, as well as a number of other events that will be held around Australia as part of this great initiative. For more details about IAM 2011 events in your area visit www.informationawarenessmonth.com.au.

The IIM National Conference sub-committee is working hard on final preparations and sorting out logistics that are usually associated with such a large conference, completely prepared by a team of volunteers.We are delighted with a cooperation and support by our friends from the Australian Computer Society in Canberra.

I am also pleased to share with you more details about a very rich program prepared for the 2011 National Conference.The response from our members to the call for early bird registrations was phenomenal. In this issue of your newsletter we are brining you more details about the conference and also introducing to you a new community of practice for information governance, which will be launched as part of the conference.

I hope you will find the conference and other activities that are planned for the IAM 2011 of interest and relevance to you.

Vladimir Videnovic
IIM National President

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IIM National Conference Featured Speaker


Greg Wilson, Project Director Public Records Office Victoria, 


Overview of the Victorian Government Public Sector Information Release Framework (PSIRF) Project

Improved access to information and the data sets held by government promotes transparency, stimulates innovation, commercial activity and community engagement, gives researchers access to primary data and improves the overall efficiency of government by encouraging re-use.

The Victorian Department of Business & Innovation, Department of Premier & Cabinet, and Department of Treasury & Finance are currently undertaking a joint project to develop a Public Sector Information Release Framework (PSIRF). The project follows a joint parliamentary inquiry undertaken by the Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee (EDIC) in 2009, Improving Access to Victorian Public Sector Information and Data, and the release of the Victorian Government 2.0 action plan. Both documents call for more open access to government data.

So what is public sector information (PSI)? PSI is information and data generated, created, collected, processed, preserved, maintained, disseminated, or funded by the Victorian public sector. This information and data, including information products and services, may be stored in a number of information formats including presentation in electronic (digital), print, audio, video, image, graphical, cartographic, physical sample, textual or numerical form. PSI does not include software.

The framework, due to be completed in September 2011, will guide agencies to:

  • Categorise information and datasets created or maintained by the Victorian Government. This will be used to determine suitability for release. The framework will consider all Victorian Government PSI for publishing however certain PSI may not be released due to reasons of security, privacy, contractural, ownership etc.

  • Determine pricing models for the release of PSI. This will be used to determine if charging for PSI is allowed (minimum or no charging will be the default).

  • Determine appropriate licences for PSI with creative commons licensing as the default and a tailored suite of licences for restricted material. This will be used to describe conditions of use and re-use.

  • Determine appropriate metadata for the release of electronic PSI. This will be used to facilitate discoverability.

  • Determine appropriate electronic formats for the release of electronic PSI. This will be used to facilitate use and re-use.

Implementing the framework will be the responsibility of individual departments and agencies commencing with all of the 11 government departments and four inner-budget agencies (VicRoads, Victoria Police, the Environmental Protection Agency and the State Revenue Office). The framework will be implemented with a phased approached with prioritised PSI published released first.

About the Presenter

Greg Wilson is a Certified Project Manager who has 15 years experience in IT with the last 8 years specialising in information management and business transformation.

During his career, Greg has project managed and/or implemented a variety of electronic business systems including electronic drawing & document management, records management, content management, team collaboration, imaging, workflow, asset management, GIS and SAP eForms. His work has also included development of information management business strategies, business cases, action plans, and undertaking of strategic project reviews.

Greg has been engaged by the Victorian Government as Project Director to direct and manage the development of the Public Sector Information Release Framework (PSIRF).

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IIM Survey

The Institute For Information Management surveys information management professionals regularly to ensure our events and conferences remain relevant to our audience.

Please complete this brief survey to help us organise better events in the future.

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IIM National Conference 2011 Program

IIM National Conference 2011
Managing Information Today and Tomorrow
Lakeside Canberra Hotel
16-18 May 2011


16 May - Workshops

17 May - Conference Day 1

18 May - Conference Day 2

Matt Moore

Taxonomies in Australia

Linda Shave

Role of Information Manager - The changing Landscape of Information Management

ACT Territory Records Office

Innovative Ways of Managing Digital Records

Cory Banks and David Williams (ActKm)

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore Toto – The End of the Information Age

Kym Charlton
Queensland Police

Innovative Use of Tweeters in an Emergency Response – Queensland Police

Greg Wilson

Public Records Office Victoria
Overview of Victorian Government Public Sector Information Release Framework Project

Sunil Soares

Best Practices in Data Governance

Jennifer O'Beirne & Danielle McKeown 
DSE Victoria

Managing Information in Emergency Recovery – Victorian Fires

Glen Bell
Robinson Ryan

An Introduction to the Data Management Body of Knowledge

Arnie Bhattacharya

BI Strategy - Theory & Practice

Bob Cechet 
Geoscience Australia

2009 Victorian Fires Impact Assessment: Contributions to the Royal Commission

Helen Austin
Dept of Treasury

Standard Business Reporting

Colin Towns

It Is Not About Tools

Katharine Stuart and Lauren Banks
National Archives of Australia

Making Sense of Information Standards

Paul Smith, Colin Thirkettle & Gabriel Mustafa

Budget Information Management – Theory and Practice

Nigel Carruthers-Taylor

Enterprise Information Implementations: Case Study & Business Case Comparison

Tessa Court
Intelligence Bank

Freedom of Information 2.0

Vladimir Videnovic

Government Budget Management - Solution Approach, Concepts & Architecture

Lee Carsley
Portent Consulting

Planning from the Future Backward: How to Strategically Plan in Times of Turbulence

Suzette Bailey
Sensory 7

Integrating a Portal an Learning Management System 

Babar Jan Halem

The Reason for ‘B’ in ‘BI’

Paul Fendley
Toowoomba Regional Council

Managing Information in Emergency Response: Toowoomba Floods

Stephen Bedford
Dept of Services, Technology & Administration (NSW)

Establishing Best Practice Business Classification Scheme 

Prashant Khanna

How Australian companies can extract more value from Business Intelligence.

National Library of Australia

Trove social media workshop

Alan Lawler
Ballarat University
Organisational learning and mission-based compacts in a regional, multi-sector university

Monica Woolmer 
Formation Data

Are you playing Checkers or Chess?

Various (IIM)

What Does it Take to Make Social Media Working?

Jon Mason

Information and Explanation

Panel Discussion: 

CFO Office – Information Management Challenges Today

Asheley Jones (ACS)

Skills Framework for the Information Age

Helen Hasan
University of Wollongong

Social Learning and Knowledge Management: the Legacy of Dr Leoni Warne



Panel Discussion: 

CIO Office - Information Management Challenges Today


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IIM National Conference 2011 Registration Details

Special rates apply when registering 5 or more delegates. Please call the IIM Secretariat (03)95363116

Registration Type


Last Minute




Workshops Only (16 May)



IIM Members



Assoc. Members






Conference Only (17-18 May)



IIM Members



Assoc. Members






Conference + Workshops (16-18 May)



IIM Members



Assoc. Members






Online Registration Link

Regular Registrations Close 30th April 2011

Online registrations hosted by ACS
Step 1: Click Visitor

Step 2: When selecting session booking 
IIM Members use Promotion Code IIMMember
Affiliate Organisation Members including ACS use Promotion Code AssocMember

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Information Governance "Community of Practice" Launch

Why a Community of Practice for Information Governance
Author: Kate Muir, IBM Australia

Information Governance is about the People, Policies and Practices that enable an organisation to manage its information as an asset.As more and more organisations struggle with managing information it is worth remembering that many issues that we see in the news are examples of poor information governance.

If you ever wondered why ‘metadata’ (data about data) is important, the one closest to everyone today, would be, watching the unedifying discussions in Queensland about the meaning of the word ‘flood’.If ever anyone doubted how important metadata is, think on this, some people may never own a home again, because their insurance either failed to cover them for flood or covered them for a ‘different’ kind of flood.

<<More on the rationale for an Information Governance "Community of Practice">>

Information Governance Community of Practice
Where Rydges Lakeside Hotel
When Wednesday, 18 May 2011 (Starts: 8am    Concludes 9am)
Cost Free Event
Online Registration Link

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IIM New Members

The IIM Board welcomes the following new members

Corporate OpenText and OBS 
Individual Tony Corcoran, Angie Rizakos, Matthew Feekings

IIM membership is available to all information management professionals, companies providing IM solutions and services and students. Join IIM TODAY and start receiving the benefits of membership. By joining today you receive 2 months membership FREE. Membership link

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IIM Branch Events

Event Sponsor


Event Date

Event Details


Thursday 28th April

Executive Briefing on Agile Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
Event Time: 5:30pm for 6:00pm Start
Venue: The Boathouse By The Lake
Guest Speakers: Ralph Hughes, Chief Systems Architect, Ceregenics, Inc (USA) brought to you in Australia by C3 Business Solutions
Cost: IIIM Members $20, IAM Members $50 Non-Members $70
More Information & Registrations



Tuesday 19th April

"Getting Up To Speed with Text and Data Analytics"
Event Time: 5:30pm for 6:00pm Start
Venue: Opticon, Level 29, HSBC Building, 
580 George St, Sydney
Guest Speakers: Paul Middleton & Richard Volpato
Cost: IIM Members Free, Non-Members $10 Payable at Door
More Information & Registrations

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Information Management News

Image & Data Manager Highlights 
The hub for information management and digital collaboration in enterprise and government

NAA points the way in the cloud

The National Archives of Australia has published a set of recommendations for government agencies considering outsourcing data storage to external hosts and the cloud. 

Crisis call for for Web 2.0

Web 2.0 technologies.have obtained new status as a linchpin in disaster management following the 2011 Queensland flood and cyclone emergencies

Queensland councils learn from dealing with disaster
It began as a trickle and eventually become a veritable flood of disasters to strike Australia's northeast in early 2011. The devastating Queensland floods were followed in quick order by Cyclone Yasi, putting urban and regional councils under enormous pressure to support emergency and crisis management

For up-to-date Information Management news go to 

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IIM Endorsed Events

IIM Member Discounts apply to all conferences listed below.



Event Details

Event Information & Registration 


Event Name: Undercover KM & Taming The Bullwhip
How many of us work in organisations that under-value and under-resource KM? In this fishbowl session, everyone will have an opportunity to contribute to a discussion on how to do great KM in such unsupportive environments. This is a meeting where we can commiserate with each others' hardships and share ideas on how to achieve quality outcomes despite such hardships.
Date: 3 May 2011
UTS Room CB10.02.250, 235 Jones Street Ultimo

Event Registration & Information


Event Name: KM Australia
This year’s event will address a range of crucial issues associated with getting a group of people to work together on how to solve common problems, effectively retain existing knowledge and enhance learning and innovation.
Date: 18-21 Jul 2011
Venue: Crystal Palace Sydney


Event Name: Digital Preservation
This year’s event will address a range of crucial issues associated with getting a group of people to work together on how to solve common problems, effectively retain existing knowledge and enhance learning and innovation.
Date: 18-21 Jul 2011
Venue: Crystal Palace Sydney

Date: 4 - 5 Aug 2011
Venue: Sebel Surry Hills Sydney

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